Saturday, June 25, 2011

Reunion Survey Results

My previous entry stated that the next blog entry would be about the Senior Superlatives. I'm still waiting some classmates to send me their bios though. So.... instead .... here are the survey results. (Sorry - the formatting is off when I copied and pasted from Word.)

There were a total of 107 respondents… and only the first 100 were collected because I don’t have a subscription to Survey Monkey, So the numbers are slightly off; however, I think the results are still somewhat clear in what our classmates want. (At least the wants of our classmates that responded!)

Overall, here’s my unprofessional summary, based on the results:
  • Most respondents expect to be living in Florida
  • A majority of respondents want a one-day event. Sorry out-of-towners (me included)
  • A weekend-night in June or Memorial Day weekend works best
  • An overwhelming majority of respondents want a casual event with a DJ; leading me to assume that respondents rather mix-and-mingle with music in the background
    • A good number of respondents want a plated meal and something more formal than a mix-and-mingle event
  • Most respondents want the reunion somewhere near water: Coconut Grove, hotel, or private boat charter; but not a four-day cruise
From the survey results and the summary above, this is what I gather: most respondents want a one-night reunion event in the beginning of summertime, where people can mix-and-mingle, and dance if they choose to, and want it to take place near the water.

I’ve included the detailed results below.

What's your opinion?

Have a ‘Cuda Day!

Up Next: Senior Superlatives ...I hope - as long as I get everyone's bios! *cough* :)


Which date/dates do you think most people would attend? All dates are in 2012 (Notice that some of the dates include "holidays" that most people may have off from work anyway)

Saturday, May 26 – 28 (Memorial Day Weekend)                     (25)
Thursday, July 5 – Sunday, July 8 (Day after July 4)                (18)
Saturday, September 1 – Monday, September 3 (Labor Day)     (12)
A Friday – Sunday in June                                                       (28)
A Friday – Saturday in July                                                      (8)
A Friday – Sunday in August                                                    (3)
·        doesn't matter
·        A Friday-Sunday in either June, July or August. Holiday weekends can be rough and people want to usually spend them with their families.
·        The Friday after Thanksgiving (or, I guess Labor Day weekend)

Rate each event’s level of importance based on what you feel needs to be at the reunion. (This question is centered around what events you would like to have AT the reunion if the reunion was a weekend-long activity)

Must have
Need to have it
It would be Nice
Don’t want it!
A casual event with drinks, appetizers and music

A formal event with a plated meal, drinks and music
A day trip (fishing, Everglades tour, etc.) for those that are coming in from out of town
A comedian

Other ideas:

·        I think the best idea and cheapest would be an after dinner cocktail party
·        The cruise idea is something I would definitely like to do.
·        Highlights of the four years... memory lane type segment
·        event during the day for the whole family (including children), and then an event in the evening (no kids)
·        How about a cruise?
·        Alcoholic drinks and music are a must.

If the weekend was a weekend-long event with several activities scattered throughout the weekend, which is most appealing to you?

This is OK
I wouldn’t attend
Four-day cruise
Timeshare location on the beach
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
A hotel on South Beach
Why is it a weekend thing? It should only be a one-night event.

Other ideas:
·        Not sure why... you could only pick one option choice...
·        This isn't letting people select the same answer for more than one
·        maybe 2 events over the same weekend, a cocktail event on a friday or saturday night and a bbq or picnic on another afternoon for people to bring their families.

If the reunion was only going to be a one-day event, indicate which location(s) you would like to have the event(s) hosted at.

A hotel on South Beach                                    (51)
A hotel in Coconut Grove                                 (43)
A banquet hall of some kind                              (20)
A private charter boat for the evening    (51)
Key Largo                                                        (17)
A restaurant                                                      (19)

Where do you anticipate living/traveling from for the reunion. Please list city and state, and/or country.

Florida                                                 52

California                                             1
Colorado                                             1
Georgia                                                4
Illinois                                                  4
Massachusetts                                      1
Michigan                                              1
Washington                                          1
New Jersey                                          1
New York City                                    6
North Carolina                         3
Oregon                                                 1
Out of country                          4
Tennessee                                            1
Texas                                                   4
Vermont                                              1
Virginia                                                2
Washington DC                                   6

Which would you rather have?
A live band playing cover music                                                (19)
A DJ                                                                                        (70)

Earth Wind & Fire
Jazz/Big Band
both, playing together

What “fun stuff” would you like to see at the reunion
Appearance(s) from teachers and administrators from our time at CR       
Senior Video
Senior Superlatives from 2002 and where those superlatives are now       
A wall of pictures then (2002) and pictures now (2012)
with short bios of each person  
Appearance of school mascot

·        Its not really "fun" but something for OUR lost ones..
·        NONE OF THESE.
·        categories: highschool sweethearts,most talented, career
·        None of the above. Good times with friends is fine.
·        I think superlatives were only important to those that were the superlatives or part of the popular crowd. Just something to think about.
·        Update on CRHS and new superlatives for 2012
·        Mr. Barber from Agriscience would be HILARIOUS!
·        A tribute to those whom we have lost :( scrap books or items or pop culture during our high school tags with high school senior photos. Speaker from each magnet or "group" talk about their experiences

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Planning Begins

This may or may not be a creative way to keep classmates "in-the-loop" of how the planning is going for our 10-year reunion. But, I figured why not give this a try. Since a lot of people can't commit time, or maybe don't want to commit the time, to help plan it, reading AND commenting on the blog could be the way classmates provide feedback.

A lot of us have experience planning events of varying sizes. After talking with some people, the most logical first steps were:

1. Find out if the school plans it, if we (alumni) plan it, if there is a budget, etc. (ANSWER: school is not allowed to have an active part in planning it. No, there is no money for us to start with)

2. Get the word out (Facebook - it's free and a good way to begin letting people know about the event)

3. Find out what our classmates want. Which... if I remember correctly... our classmates have varying opinions and are not afraid to vocalize them. Remember the senior t-shirts, the senior video, pizza at prom, etc.? We always tried to cater to the majority, but the majority was always very close to a 50/50 split. And... true to form... there's varying opinions on the Facebook page about doing a weekend-long reunion vs a one-night reunion; cocktail hour vs. formal event; a family-style event vs. an adult-only event, etc. etc.etc.

From here... the next logical step, at least in my mind.... is to analyze the survey results (which as of the time of writing this, are almost a 50/50 split on every question), and talk with a core group of classmates who have volunteered to plan the event and figure out what to do next.

But... while you're reading this... here are some things to keep in mind:
  • We have no start up money, which means we have no money to secure a banquet hall, etc. because we don't have the $$ for a deposit. This is a challenge.
  • I'd be surprised if more than 100 classmates show up, which apparantly is on-par with 10-year reunion averages. With most people still living in Miami and/or going to college together, AND with the invention of this thing called "social networking/media," people have stayed in touch. Reunions are about getting together and catching up on old times. But if we all hang out in the sames places, with the same people, and/or Facebook stalk former classmates (LOL), there's nothing new to see or hear!
  • This is going to be AWESOME - if nothing more, it gives people like me who live out of town a reason to come back to Miami and enjoy the beach. :)
That's all for now. Let's hope more classmates take the survey!

Have a 'Cuda day,


UP NEXT: Remembering the Class of 2002 Senior Superlative Awards